Raw Materials Update

Thank you for visiting our store! Unfortunately, due to raw material shortages, we are out of stock on many of our most popular items.

Some our dealers have products available, so please feel free to search online for them in the meantime!

"When it comes to sanitizers, what could be better?

Of all the products I have access to, I use hypochlorous acid made with the ingenuity of ControlOMatic to keep my family safe and healthy!"

Facility Manager

"I really like your Hypochlorous Acid generators and I tell a lot of people in my industry about them. The NatureChlorMax is easy to use and I feel great about using a cleaner that is so safe and effective.

Healthcare Provider

"I am happy to report that I can finally stop looking for my holy grail HOCl generator...I found it in my NatureChlor MAX."

Mom & HOCl Enthusiast